Thought: There is an arbitrage in value-adding services

If companies were rational and logical consumers, the distribution for enterprise/b2b companies would be vastly easier.

However, they aren't.

If it were possible for companies to directly identify the ROI in purchasing/setting up/training for a given product/service, then many more $$ would flood into the high ROI products. Consider what Google did to online advertising with CPC/CPA (i.e. direct ROI), or what NeoReach is doing to influencer marketing. Disclaimer: Affiliated with NeoReach.

Note: This also applies to consumer products. Consider startups like Lift (social habit tracking), or Everest (goal tracking).

Out-there ideas:

  • What if products paid buyers to try their software and calculate the ROI, and had a contract that if the ROI was below a certain level the product would automatically pay a "fine" to their buyer?
  • A non-profit service that tries all software products and calculates the ROI (attempting to give accurate, by-industry, numbers) of their use. Products would pay to be a member of network, but there would be no tiers (preventing favoritism/advertising).