Feature Requests from Slack

Slack is everything HipChat could've been.

Someone was going to "win" IRC for the masses. Looks like Slack will do just that!

Disclaimer: These ideas aren't valuable. Slack is executing fast, and just raised a ton of money, so will be able to do awesome things. I'm sure they are focusing where they have decided it is most important to focus to grow the company. However, that doesn't stop me from wanting features for my own selfish reasons :)

  • Allow me to invite people who are not part of my company to temporary private rooms, like Chatzy or TinyChat. I'd use this to chat with people instead of Skype/Gchat.
  • Allow me to create separate teams easier. I have a company team, but I want to create a Slack team for my friend group. This would certainly help with user acq.
  • Better desktop client.