BWF Groups #0,1,2,3,6,7,9: End of Week Two Checkin

Posting them all in the same thread to keep it concentrated and easier to find. Group #6 moved from daily to weekly so is fine to include here too :)

Please comment:

What went well, what didn't, what will you do to improve next week, and which group # are you in.

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Another enjoyable week, and can see improvements in the amount of time I can hold movements for each session. Seeing great improvement on my stomach to wall handstand times which is encouraging. Need to take some time to figure out progressions for some of the steps the I'm completing with ease. Might need to pick up some gymnastic rings to progress on row. Good - Progress in all movements. Keeping a log of times and progress on each workout which I'd definitely recommend. I don't think I'd notice the progress without it. - Keeping in mind that I'm making progress helps to no end with keeping to a good diet. Making lunches every day for work too, as the only shop close by only has a deli, so saving money weekly too, which is a plus I guess. Lots of salads for lunch this week. - I might be seeing things, but I'm almost positive I can see improvements visually. Might be a placebo effect. Bad - Had a rough day yesterday at work and considered putting the last session of the week off until today. Have a busy day today and wasn't totally sure I'd be able to fit it in, so knocked it out from 10.30 to 11.45 last night. Felt good after, but need to keep this up. Happy I stuck to it yesterday too though, so I suppose this could be under Good above as well. - Dog thinks I'm trying to play with her, and licks and paws at my face when I'm trying to be serious. Put her outside, and she dug a hole to assert dominance. Need to play hardball. Do Differently - Still considering a switch to the morning, but enjoying working out in the daytime sun so might keep at it for now. - Noticed that doing burpees affects the time I can stay up on the handstand. Tried with squat jumps last 2 sessions and it definitely made an impact. Will keep a track on this.
Group 9 What went well: I started my workout, so that's a plus. I also think I've found a good way to cross train for my goal, but I don't want to get too much into that right now. What didn't: I haven't fixed my sleep schedule yet, so my timing has been pretty irregular. Also, getting back into running has been tough, but I should be back to normal soon. What to improve: I need to make sure I'm getting enough sleep so that I don't have to try and squeeze in my workout at odd hours of the day.
Group 3 What Went Well: Did all my workouts. I am seeing that some of the exercises I found more challenging aren't taking as much of a toll on me. I played some pickup games on the off days and got cardio, as well as doing yoga. Even managed to get my gf to join me today for my workout. What Didn't: I am still not eating terribly healthy on the weekends -- lots of pizza and limited fruits/veggies. I need to work on maintaining a consistent eating habit throughout my week that supports my body. What to Improve: I would like to mainly focus on my diet for this coming week and really push to hold a handstand stomach to wall for a minute or more. I've been at 55 seconds consistently and think that I could push through to break the 1 minute mark.
Group 7 What Went Well: Increased running distances and changed pushups to diamond pushups What Didn't: I started to break apart the strength training. I had some pain in my trapezius, so I separated every exercise by a couple of hours to find out what was causing the pain. It wasn't painful when working out, but about two hours afterward. Discovered it was the pulling exercises. What to Improve: I need to take the pulling exercises slowly. I would like to have faster improvement, but it was so painful one day that I could barely have a conversation.
What went well Managed my reps until completion, reached total exhaustion which was great. Bought some gymnastic rings to hit certain exercises with better form. what didn't Added planks until failure in-between sets, that was a mistake, sat out the remainder of the week due to issues with lower back and not wanting to exacerbate it/ what will you do to improve next week Listen to my body more and which group # 7
Group #3 Checking in late - I don't see any notifications so I just have to remember to check in on Fridays. I have to be a little flexible about which days of the week I get to the gym, but I end up going 4 or 5 times per week. I'm making slow but steady progress. Most days I improve at least one aspect of my routine - like switching from plain planks to a pseudo-planche plank, or hitting my goal of 5 sets of 5 pull-ups.