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Group 9 What went well: I didn't skip any days, and I've been running outside, so it's really nice to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery. What didn't: I have a regular sleep schedule now, but it's only from about 12 or 1 to about 6. I've also decided not to do the body weight workout, because I don't have much time with my daily schedule. What to improve: I can manage my time better during the day so that I can do the things I want.
What went well: I went to the better gym so I could use a real squat rack instead of the Smith machine, but I'm going to have to use less weight. Planks (different types) are getting better. I didn't skip any days. What didn't go well: My routine is getting too long and I'm not always finishing all my lifts. What to improve: I need to re-think my exercise routine and my rest days.