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I'm beginning this tomorrow, so I don't have any updates. For the future, what information do you want in the updates?
Just getting around to this now - completely forgot on Friday. Is it much hassle to send out a reminder email? No problem if so, just a thought! The week went great - trained Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and kicking off again today for this week. Tracking progress on all of the exercises and can see progress already on some (including the amount of time spent on each stomach to wall handstand which is encouraging). Good - Enjoying the routine - knowing what I need to do and hammering it out. - Weather's been great, so doing what I can outside which I'm enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. - Definitely have some room for improvement, so looking forward to seeing this come into play over the next few weeks. Bad - Need to work on correct form for side planks as they're hurting my lower back currently when they shouldn't be. - Started with pullups last week in place of rows (completing sets with inverted pullups where I couldn't finish) and definitely felt a strain in my lats. Switched to door handle rows for Friday's exercise, but don't think it's really a challenge so may need to find some middle ground here. Do Differently - Starting again today, and going to continue with pullups for today at least. - Going to push for some bigger times on all moves and hopefully increase some more before the week is out. - Going to take down iron gym from the doorway, as it fell on girlfriend when all she wanted to do was use the toilet...... :)