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Group # 3 I'm doing a 3 day split with push, pull, and legs. I was on vacation for the week and faced some challenges finishing my workouts. What Went Well: I managed to stick to my Mon, Wed, Fri routine and do most of the exercises. I managed to hold a stomach to wall handstand for an entire minute before nearly smashing my face into the floor as I dismounted. What Didn't Go So Well: My pull day was hampered by being in a house with oddly dimensioned doorways. I could not find a place to hang my pull-up bar which I had hauled along with me. I attempted to substitute my pull ups and rows with other pulling exercises, but had troubles finding alternatives. My knee also acted up on my leg day after doing lunges and squats. Right below my knee felt tight/tender. I also had a horrible diet while out, so I do not think that I gave my body what it needed to repair properly. Improvements: I'm back from vacation, so I feel that I can go back to eating properly and do a complete pulling workout. I intend to stretch more thoroughly before my main workouts to save my knees. I plan on attending yoga on one of my off days to stretch. I also am participating in a pick up sports league, so I will get cardio in as well. I hope everyone else's first week went well! -Super
Group #2 Compliance: I stuck with my regular workouts despite having a small cold at the beginning of the week. What went well: Making good progress on diamond pushups, pike pushups, pullups, and planks. I completed the first 3 days of the Couch to 5K (C25K) running program. What didn't go well: I'm not making progress in L-sits, but I'm pretty sure that's mostly hip flexibility and I'm working on that. I had some minor back pain (from work) - I cut short a set of squats early in the week because my back just didn't feel solid. Later in the week I substituted box jumps for squats. Back is feeling fine now. What to improve: I've added some mobility and flexibility work at the beginning of my sessions. And I need to start going to the gym with the real squat rack instead of the Smith machine.
Group #3 I'm doing the beginner routine and had some set-backs in the beginning but I am now on track! What went well: I was in a rehab process because I pulled both of my soleus muscles because I was running too often. I still managed to do my beginner routine exercises despite my injury. I found out I could do more push ups than I had anticipated and my form was pretty good all around with other exercises. What didn't go well: Since being out of college, I've gotten into really poor shape and can't do nearly as many reps as I would like (as I used to be able to do). This will motivate me to push myself in the future. What I will do better next (this) week: I will stretch more effectively this week because I felt really tight the days following my workouts. My body isn't used to this anymore even if my mind thinks it is. Sorry for the late post, guys! I hope everyone continues to make good progress!