Bodyweight Fitness Group #6: Intro Post


This is the intro post for group #6.


Platform: Comments on “checkin” blog posts

Your group size: 20 people.

You will have to post an update: Every (exercise) day, so likely 3 times a week.

Please comment your form responses if you are a member of group 6!

7 responses
Name: Vlad Reddit Username: WW_D Age/Gender: 19/Male Athletic Background: Highschool endurance athlete, top ten best xc runners in state. Weightlifted on and off in first two years of college, minimal consistency. Routine: Current Routine Status: First day complete. Workout Time: Tues/Thurs/Sat between Noon and 6 PM. Weight/Height: 79 kg, 190 cm. Motivation: 4 Why be part of the group?: I maintain higher levels of consistency when there are other people working with me.
Name: Chris Reddit Username: Chocrates Age/Gender: 25/Male Athletic Background: Almost none. Barefoot running for 8 months prior. Just did a spartan race and am doing a triathlon in a few months. Routine: Trying to work up to 6 days a week cardio training, currently at about 4 as i try to get ahold of a bike and find a place to swim. Current Routine Status: First week down Workout Time: Tues/Thurs/Sat Currently sporadic times, generally evening on weekdays and morning on weekends. Weight/Height: 86.18 Kg, 177.8 Cm cm. Motivation: 5 Why be part of the group?: Motivation isn't my problem, consistency is, so hopefully this will help me stick with it. Also very curious how this goes and want to follow the results.
Name: Ben Reddit Username: benutne Age/Gender: 35/Male Athletic Background: Martial arts, running before foot injury Did SL 5x5 a few times, never got past two months Routine: Fitloops beginner Current Routine Status: Starting Monday Workout Time: M/W/F in the evenings Weight/Height: 80 kg, 180 cm. Products: Home made pull up bar in an empty closet Motivation: 3 Why be part of the group?: Accountability and motivation
Name: Aron Reddit Username: chaosgarden Age/Gender: 29/M Athletic Background: Lazy until 22, started with yoga and cycling. Kettlebells for the last year or so. I'm bored with that so I am trying this. Which routine are you using? I am going to split it up and do pulling exercises on Mondays, pushing on Wednesdays and a kettlebell workout on Fridays to cover the leg progression. What is your current status on the routine? I started last Monday 6/2. So far so good! Which days/times are you doing your routine? MWF approx. 5pm Starting Weight: 75 kg Height: 175 cm How are your initial motivation levels? 5/5 Equipment: Pull-up bar from Wal-Mart Why did you want to be a part of this group? I don't have problems with exercising regularly but I do find it difficult to stick to one routine. I am hoping this will help me stick to a single plan and not constantly change up what I am doing.
reddit username: hobzmarley Age: 20 Country: Australia Male Athletic history: - Almost none - minor basketball in junior years - currently gym 3-4 times a week early stages Routine: Current Status: beginning, never done body weight before, looked interesting (first day complete) Days of routine: MWF night times 9pm onwards (maybe additional) cycling transport weight/height: 77.65kg / 167cm products: - floor mat (at home) - gym facilities Motivation: 4 Reasons: accountability
reddit username: hobzmarley Age: 25 Country: Russia Male Athletic history: Fencing (4 years) Routine: Current Status: Started 1,5 months ago doing just pushups, now doing everything save for pullups and rows Days of routine: 3 days a week, no fixed days weight/height: 115 kg/194cm Motivation: 2 Reasons: accountability
Name: Andy Reddit Username: ApatheticDino Age/Gender: 21/Male Athletic Background: High school Volleyball. Occasional running. Picked up SL 5x5 for 2 months before gym membership expired. Routine: YAYOG - r/BodyWeightFitness starting routine - Deciding between doing both routines every other day or alternating each week. Might drop one and focus on the other. Current status: 1 week finished Days: MWF 9pm Weight/Height: 73kg/185cm Motivation: 4 Reasons: Want to actually start documenting my progress.