Bodyweight Fitness Group #3: Intro Post

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This way you can learn a little about the other people in your group.

Group #3:

Platform: Blog comments

Group size: 5

Update cadence: Weekly

Codename (ha!): Diamondback

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Reddit username: weilili Age: 24 Gender: F Athletic background: Coxswain at high school and D1 college levels- so basically crosstraining with elite rowers Routine: Started: Thurs 6/5 Routine times: TuesThursSat, mostly mornings Initial motivation: 4/5 Why join? I lost completely all of my fitness after a recent bout of illness (had to take 10 days off work, currently heavily medicated). Starting from rock bottom is not something I've ever had to do and I am interested in support from others doing the same. Biggest concern: that the OP will not keep this up! Thanks guys.
Reddit username: ComicDebris Age: 50 Gender: M Athletic background: Never been athletic. Occasional periods of weightlifting - not too consistent. I've also done some cycling. Routine: Intermediate Beginner Routine - (I know I gave you a lot of extra details in my first reply, but I'm basically doing the Intermediate Beginners Routine. The main difference is that I'm splitting some of the exercises between different days.) Started: I've been gradually adding more bodyweight exercises to my weightlifting routine for the past month. Schedule: 3 days on / 1 day off rotating. Morning or evening depending on my wife's schedule. Initial motivation: 4 / 5 Why Join? Nothing changes unless you measure it. Concerns: My routine might be too customized to fit the tracking system. Also, I will be publicly embarrassed if I can't make any progress in L-sit. It will be interesting to see how this develops.
Reddit username: Heysoos_Christo Age: 22 Gender: M Athletic background: Running, weightlifting, intramural soccer/ultimate frisbee, general interest in outdoor sports/activities Routine: Intermediate beginner routine - Started: Tonight! (Friday, 6/6/2014) Schedule: 3 days/week. Monday/Wednesday/Friday with rest/light cardio on off days. Initial motivation: 4/5 Why Join? I was super athletic when I was in college so when I graduated (last May) and moved back home, I got really lazy and pretty much had lost all the gains I made. I have to start from the bottom again and it's not an easy thing to admit when I was once in really good shape. Motivation from a group like this will get me back there! Concerns: I would like to see how the rest of the group does, as well as have them see how I'm doing so that I'm ACTUALLY motivated to keep working as hard as I can to get back into shape. Thanks guys. Let's have some fun with this!
Awesome guys! I'll check in next Friday!
The group has 5 total, these are the remaining 2: Feel free to send them a PM to get them to come here and make sure they don't fall off the program!
Username: super_soaker_sheriff Age: 23 Sex: Male Athletic Background: HS lacrosse, pick up ultimate, pick up volleyball, hiking, walking, previous weight lifting, yoga, previous spin classes Routine: Antranik Routine Started: 6/2/14 Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday after work (anywhere from 2PM - 4PM) Motivation: 4/5 -- I'm actually going to be on vacation this whole first week and am bringing my pullup bar with me. Reason for Joining: My overall physical activity went way down after I joined the work force about a year ago. I do not feel that I am terribly unhealthy, but just want more usable strength. I've tried conventional weight lifting and never found it appealing. I think that this group can give some accountability to my routine and help me track my progress. Concerns: I'm hoping that we can all stay on this for a decent period of time and not have the group fall apart. I also have some issues with my back and elbow that may disrupt my routine. I'm looking forward to getting in better shape with all of you!