Feature Request: Lunch with Friends

I'm a university student.

I'd love if it was easier to always have all of my lunches/dinners booked, either with business related meetings or meals with friends.

Potential solution: Click on a friends name, see their location (where they live on campus), and the meals they have free. Click one to add to both of our calendars (already authed to gcal). If you knew class schedule of users, could also optimize locations based on where individuals will be at given times (i.e. lunch with Chris on west campus is perfect for them on Thursdays, because they have a class on west campus at 12.50pm).

Disclaimer: This isn't a startup, it's a feature.

Thought: There is an arbitrage in value-adding services

If companies were rational and logical consumers, the distribution for enterprise/b2b companies would be vastly easier.

However, they aren't.

If it were possible for companies to directly identify the ROI in purchasing/setting up/training for a given product/service, then many more $$ would flood into the high ROI products. Consider what Google did to online advertising with CPC/CPA (i.e. direct ROI), or what NeoReach is doing to influencer marketing. Disclaimer: Affiliated with NeoReach.

Note: This also applies to consumer products. Consider startups like Lift (social habit tracking), or Everest (goal tracking).

Out-there ideas:

  • What if products paid buyers to try their software and calculate the ROI, and had a contract that if the ROI was below a certain level the product would automatically pay a "fine" to their buyer?
  • A non-profit service that tries all software products and calculates the ROI (attempting to give accurate, by-industry, numbers) of their use. Products would pay to be a member of network, but there would be no tiers (preventing favoritism/advertising).

Feature Request: Twitter without Retweets

Feature Request: Something to solve a minor problem that I have. Not to be confused with "startup".

I browse twitter like so: every few days, I open up the twitter profiles of 2-3 individuals who I "follow" (I do actually follow them, however I never read their tweets in my twitter feed).

I want to hide the retweets on their profiles.

I searched Userscripts, however the only script doesn't currently work. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon, however.


A Future Change: Sharing of "Stuff"/Clothes

I believe many things we currently accept as normal will eventually be considered ridiculous. Ask yourself what you do often that doesn't really make that much sense.

My most recent answer:

My wardrobe is full of clothes that I no longer wear. If it were easier, and I knew I could get awesome clothes, I'd happily spend a bunch of money, right now, on new stuff. And I'd get rid of/give away/sell much of my current stuff.

This is definitely taking the analogy too far, but I'd love to see what an Airbnb for clothes looks like.

Disclaimer: Most clothes sharing startups right now will probably fail. I wouldn't want to invest, nor found one.

Feature Request: Morning Motivation

I'd love to start all of my days with a dose of motivation.

For employees, this may be something along the lines of showing them great customer feedback, or an advertisement from the company, to remind them of the people their work is affecting and the larger mission of the company.

For people working on their own projects, it would be great to be shown a video of yourself (recorded earlier) playing "drill sergeant" to your future lazy self. Or an inspirational video, text, image series, etc.

Startup Suggestion: RedBalloon.com.au, for the US

RedBalloon.com.au is a popular company in Australia. They allow individuals to buy "experiences" as gifts.

To the best of my knowledge, they are doing extremely well and growing very quickly.

Additionally, they are well positioned to take advantage of the trend away from ownership of "stuff" towards the purchasing of experiences. (Think Fight Club, or any of the TED talks on happiness. We are learning that money is better spent on experiences, and over time consumers will react to this information)

A few American companies appear to be doing something similar, but executed to a well enough level. Important to note that a huge advertising budget is required for a company in this space.

Additional ideas:

  • Give users discounts on future purchases after they share photos of the experiences they purchase
  • Help provide gift vendors with photography/videography guidelines (potentially even going as far as to send professionals?) to capture media that the customers want to share. E.g. at a paintball game, if the photos are professionally done, and I tag myself on a computer in the lobby while I'm paying or waiting for something else, everyone wins. Especially the vendor/gift company.
  • Gift reminder service for users. Allow them to enter in birthdays (or at least use the regional holidays - mother's day, father's day, valentines, etc), and send them coupons.
  • Gift selection tools. Many guys would love a small web application that allowed them to answer yes/no (or other simply answered) questions about their partner, and be given a list of great gift suggestions.

Feature Requests from Slack

Slack is everything HipChat could've been.

Someone was going to "win" IRC for the masses. Looks like Slack will do just that!

Disclaimer: These ideas aren't valuable. Slack is executing fast, and just raised a ton of money, so will be able to do awesome things. I'm sure they are focusing where they have decided it is most important to focus to grow the company. However, that doesn't stop me from wanting features for my own selfish reasons :)

  • Allow me to invite people who are not part of my company to temporary private rooms, like Chatzy or TinyChat. I'd use this to chat with people instead of Skype/Gchat.
  • Allow me to create separate teams easier. I have a company team, but I want to create a Slack team for my friend group. This would certainly help with user acq.
  • Better desktop client.